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Anglican Bishop warns Nigerians against religious politics


The Bishop of the Anglican Communion, Kubwa Diocese, Rt Rev. Duke  Timothy Akamisoko, has called on Nigerians to eschew religious politics.

Akamisoko spoke while fielding questions at the weekend in Abuja.

The bishop, who said politics should be played in a non-partisan manner, pointed out that contrary to many Christians’ belief, God can use non-Christian to change the country for the best.

He explained that the church was not divided in the last presidential election as the outcome of the poll in which General Muhammadu Buhari was declared the winner was an answered prayer.

“Well, the fact is that when we come into politics, you cannot just say Christian/Muslim. When we pray, we prayed for peace for this country, we prayed for unity; we prayed that God will give us the right leader, it doesn’t matter whether he is not a Christian. There are times in the Bible that God used people who are not even his own people; he used them to do things well. So, what we prayed for, God has answered that prayer; for peace, that the election should be peaceful.

“It was done peacefully; there was no war, there was no anarchy. All these, God has answered them for us irrespective of the person that God wants to use. Even in our own church, I cannot categorically say Goodluck is a Christian; everyone should go and vote for him. I can’t say that. We believe God has a purpose, we might not understand. And these people coming in now, we believed it is an answered prayer. Definitely in politics, people must be divided along personal interest or whatever they want,” he said.

The bishop, who commended President Goodluck Jonathan on his statesmanship approach to the poll’s outcome, called on Buhari to deliver on his promises.

On the role of the church in politics, Akamisoko responded that the church must continually offer prayers for the peace of the nation’s democracy.