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About Us


CybokNews is an independent, liberal online newspaper committed to the right of the individual to pursue his economic happiness, without undue interference of the state. The emphasis is on balanced reporting. CybokNews seek to secure the civil liberties of Nigerians and to promote the rights of the individual, right to freedom of worship and conscience, and to hold opinions, impart same without hindrance. Subject to such laws as are consistent with the constitution and necessary for the protection of the right of others, for public safety, public morality and public good.

CybokNews is committed to the virtues of republican democracy and seeks through its wide and balanced coverage of events to inform Nigerians and the international community to realize and sustain these ideals. CybokNews disapproves of all arbitrariness, and shall constantly strive to hold the government accountable to the people.

CybokNews holds as sacred the integrity, stability and cohesion of the Nigerian nation, and shall strive always to promote peaceful relations among her people based on justice, equity and fairness.


CybokNews has a wide and balanced coverage enhanced by its simplicity of narrative style, lucid prose and informed analysis, which will assure it a wide audience. It will equally draw a wide audience base from the intelligentsia, the political class, opinion leaders, the diplomatic corps, professional career men and women, and other members of the attentive public.

Although its bias is on the political, business, national and international news reporting, it’s back up stories on entertainment, sports and technology will help to broaden its audience. In particular, it has speed and veracity as its editorial watchword. It must therefore: –

  • Be seen as the people’s voice.
  • Advocate the cause of the downtrodden so that this segment of the public can identify with it. This fact is the role of the press as the fourth estate of the realm. This we believe will translate higher patronage.
  • Practice responsible journalism.