Sanwo-Olu promises to rid Lagos of gridlock

Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu has reassured that his administration will do all within its power to rid the state of everything causing gridlock on roads.

He spoke at the weekend while inspecting the removal of second Lekki roundabout as part of junction improvements for a free flow of vehicular movements along the Lekki corridors.

The government had embarked on the removal of some roundabouts identified as the major causes of traffic jams being experienced by motorists.

Four roundabouts including Ikotun, second roundabout on the Lekki-Epe Expressway, Allen Avenue roundabout and Maryland will be removed to pave the way for road expansion and free flow of traffic.

The government, through the Ministry of Transportation, said the removal of some roundabouts and street furniture such as giant billboards would give room for road expansion and strategically ease off traffic congestion in some parts of the metropolis.

At the project site, Sanwo-Olu encouraged the contractors handling the projects to keep up with the current pace of work, to ensure its completion in time.

Last week, Transportation Commissioner Dr. Fredrick Oladeinde, who accompanied Governor Sanwo-Olu to inspect the project, described the decision to improve the junctions as a strategic repositioning of the roads to ease traffic congestion.

He said that the government started off through the discovery of 60 gridlock junctions and areas across the state.

Said he: “The junction improvement work being conducted on the four roundabouts includes the following:

“Removal of roundabouts, separate streams of traffic through Traffic Signal Lights (TSL), synchronising all TSLs through intelligent traffic systems, which will recognise the densities of traffic streams and give priorities accordingly.

“Introducing stacking lanes for both left and right turns at these junctions, which will also contribute to increasing the capacities of our roads at the junctions, thereby reducing travel time.”

Sanwo-Olu visited the Lekki coastal roads to ascertain the level of work done by men of the Environmental Task Force, who had gone earlier to clean up the illegal structures built on the right of way.

Satisfied, he said that the government would move in and start work in the area to avoid further encroachment and illegal occupation of the large expanse of land.

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