Charly Boy announces mother’s death with loving poem

Entertainer and activist, Charles Oputa, popularly known as Charly boy has lost his mother, Mrs. Margaret Oputa.

Breaking the news of her death on his Instagram page, Charly Boy said that she died on Tuesday.

Sharing a photo of himself and his other, Charly Boy said, ” I wish to announce the death of our Mother Mrs. Margaret Ntianu Oputa nee Onumonu which occurred Tuesday the 8th of October, 2019.”

He went on to eulogise his mother, in a poem.

Charly Boy wrote, “My dearest Mother,
You couldn’t just wait for me to come back before
you sneaked away to the great beyond.⚰️
Now all I have are beautiful loving kodak memories of our times

You tried for me, for us and many of the people who
were privileged to encounter your kindness and your love.💖

Thank you for allowing me take care of you.❤️
Thank you for being that great woman who gave birth to
the icon, Charly Boy.🕺🏽

Thank you for teaching me how to care, to love, to live a simple
and humble life.😇

Thank you for constantly reminding (me) of my pedigree and
my very rich heritage.👑

I wish you would have waited just one more day, but I guess
you didn’t want me to see you go, because as usual, I would
have talked you out of it, I know we both hate goodbyes.😭

Greet Papa when you see him, tell him I have been holding
forth. Gallant as ever.🔥 😍 Love you my darling mother. RIP.”

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