Nowhere in Nigeria is safe anymore, Kaduna cleric laments

…Says FG must rise against criminals in religious garb

Kaduna-based cleric and president of the United Church of Christ in Nations, popularly known as HEKAN, Reverend Amos Kiri, has lamented that Nigerians are no longer safe on their farms, on the roads and even in their homes, hence the need for government to be proactive in bringing those aiding, abetting or physically participating in heinous crimes to book.

To this end, Reverend Kiri called on the Federal Government to, as a matter of urgency, rise against those hiding under the cover religion to make Nigeria unsafe.

The HEKAN president made the call at the national headquarters of the church in Kaduna on Sunday during the ordination service of ten newly-promoted pastors.

The cleric, who commended the President Muhammadu Buhari government for its continuing strides in bringing back the good reputation of the country, lamented that the government’s efforts were being
dwarfed with rampant kidnappings, armed robbery and gunmen attacks.

According to him, “the government of the day needs to intensify its actions in curbing this menace. Today, Nigerians are not safe on their farms, on the roads and even in their homes. The government must, therefore, be proactive in bringing those aiding, abetting or physically participating in these heinous crimes to book. The law must be allowed to take its just cause.

“Most of the perpetrators of these crimes hide under religion to carry out their evil plans,” he said.

He also expressed concern over the ongoing Tiv and Jukun crisis and called on leaders of both Benue and Taraba states to eschew bitterness and allow peace to reign.

“The recent killing in these two states is a great thing of concern. The brethren in the two states have been living in harmony together for centuries, intermarrying and sharing common boundaries and traditions. While it is true that both the tongue and the teeth sometimes fight each other, they have always learned to live together in the same mouth.

“I, therefore, call on all leaders in the two states to eschew bitterness, bury their hatchet and allow peace to reign. May I also extend this call to other states/communities where clashes still occur to as a matter of urgency, dialogue and seek for lasting solutions to causes of these crises. Without peace, there will be no development,” he said.

Speaking also on the recent abduction of two teachers and six schoolgirls at the Engravers College, Kaduna, Reverend Kiri expressed fear that the level of literacy in the country cannot improve if parents don’t have confidence that their children are safe during school hours.

He called on the government not to rest on its oars until the victims are released.

Ordaining the new pastors, Reverend Kiri reminded them of their roles in church development and nation-building, saying that they must exhibit maturity in the handling of church affairs.

“The position of a reverend is an exalted position. You must exhibit more maturity in the handling of church affairs. Bring more innovation and creativity in programming in the church. Be more dedicated in acquiring modern methods of doing things that fit in with the 21st-century challenges that men of God face.

“You must prove openly your love and care for the sheep under your care. If you want to feed fat on the meat and fresh milk of the sheep, you must take them to choice pastures where they will be fed well. When the sheep are fed well, your house will not lack milk and meat,” he stressed.



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