Useni ready to take election petition battle to Supreme Court

The Plateau State governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the March 2019 General Elections, Jeremiah Useni, says that he will continue to pursue his election petition as far as the Supreme Court.

The retired General turned Senator (PDP, Plateau South) insisted on pursuing his election petition to the Supreme Court where he believes justice will prevail in his favour.

Useni’s remarks come in the aftermath of the judgment of the Governorship Election Petition Tribunal, which ruled in favour of Governor Simon Lalong (APC) as the duly elected governor of Plateau State.

Useni spoke on Saturday when members of the State and National assemblies from Plateau, led by Senator Istifanus Gyang (PDP, Plateau North), paid him a solidarity visit at his Jos resident.

“Until we get to the Supreme Court, the war is not yet over. There is no soldier that losses one battle and runs away. I believe also that good politician too will not run away, which I am trying to be. The battle is not over yet, but I appreciate you for the show of solidarity. Everybody knows that everything went wrong at the Tribunal; if not, people would have to be dancing now,” the Senator said.

“In politics, you expect this. I know that we are being tested and I have alway passed my test. I know I will not fail this one. I have made every arrangement for appeal and my lawyers are working. If the Appeal Court rejects our plea then we will go to Supreme Court.

“I know that if we win at the Appeal Court, they will go to Supreme Court and if the Appeal Court rules in their favour, we will go to Supreme Court and the Supreme Court cannot disown their judgment, which is already in our favour. Therefore, the battle is not over yet, we are being tested and I know we will pass.”

Speaking earlier on behalf of the Plateau legislators, Sen. Gyang said they will stand with Sen. Useni in pursuing the mandate through the judicial process until it is recovered.

“As members of the State and National Assembly, we assure you that we are fully with you because this mandate is our collective mandate, this mandate was our collective effort, the mandate was freely given and we will pursue it through the judicial process until we reach the point that it is recovered.

“What we witnessed at the Tribunal was just a temporary setback, but not the end of the matter. Your resolve is our resolve, your persuasion in this matter is our persuasion and our stand here is for all the constituents that we represent,” Gyang assured Useni.

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