Motorists stranded for hours in Suleja

Motorists plying the Minna – Suleja-Minna road were once again stranded for hours owing to the reoccurring traffic logjam in Suleja-Minna road.

For over four hours, vehicles were not moving as they battled with trailers to get to their destination.

There was no accident on the road but the cause of the logjam was as a result of the trailers plying the road that refused to give way to the smaller vehicles.

Some passengers had to leave the vehicles they boarded to walk to the front to pick another vehicle for their onward journeys.

The Suleja-Minna road in recent times has been a nightmare to motorists as the usual two- hour journey to Dikko junction becomes stretched to hours.

Speaking with The Nation, some of the passengers expressed their frustrations over the situation, wondering why the state government cannot be firm in its resolve to ban trailer off its roads.

One of the passengers, Hauwa Sani, said she had spent over three hours in the traffic “and there is no sign of the vehicle moving. The government is quite to our pains and this is not fair to us. How can we be suffering this problem all the time? Is it difficult to stop all these trailers from passing here?”

Another passenger, Mohammed Abdul said: “it is because the governor is not passing this route, that is why he has paid no need to our cry. This is outrageous, that tankers and trailers will hold the people in the state hostage. It is not heard anywhere.”

Musa Alhassan said: “today is somehow better, at least, it is moving a bit but on Monday, I spent hours here. Imagine I left Abuja by 4pm and got to Minna by 12 midnight. That showed how tight the hold-up was.”

Men of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) and local volunteers had a difficult time trying to help the vehicles move as the trailers were not ready to give way.


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