Abdulrazak Deprieye appointed Interim Chairman as Wike suspends Muslim Pilgrim Welfare Board

The Vice President-General of Jamaatu Nasril Islam, (JNI), Alhaji
Abubakar Orlu has explained why Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike,
suspended the state’s Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Board. Abdulrazak Deprieye appointed as caretaker chairman of the board.

Alhaji Orlu said it was because of alleged fraudulent activities and
the unsatisfactory manner the board was being run.

In a statement issued on Saturday, the JNI chieftain disclosed that
some fraudulent persons had in the past hijacked hajj seats in Rivers
State to other states.

Last July, Wike had claimed that Rivers was a Christian state.

“I heard that some people are angry that I declared Rivers as a
Christian State. With what happened on March 9, 2019, it re-emphasized
my conviction that Rivers is a Christian State. Nobody can intimidate
me into changing my position.

“I will not disappoint the Church. I will continue to support the
Church. When people who think that they are God came, Christians stood
firm and showed that Rivers State is a Christian State,” the governor
had asserted at a thanksgiving.


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