How Nigerian Drug Dealer Precious Chineme, Put Two Australian Women In Jail

A Nigerian Precious Chineme Nwoko, who is a member of an international drug syndicate is currently spending 27 years in jail in Cambodia.

Precious was sentenced as an attempt by him to get a reprieve failed. This is not the end of the story.

AwarenessNG learned that two Australian women he recruited online as mules via a romance scam are cursing the day they fell in love with him after they were arrested, tried and jailed for carrying drugs.

They have related their stories in a documentary by ABC Australia.

Read their pathetic experience:

An Australian mother has issued a desperate warning to other women after travelling to Cambodia on the promise of love, before being used as a drug mule


Yoshe Taylor, a 47-year-old single mother, and school teacher, met South African businessman ‘Precious’ through the dating app called Tagged.

According to her, he was caring and sweet, with a buff gym body and a broad smile.

Battling depression and struggling to keep up with mortgage repayments, her internet boyfriend offered Ms Taylor the opportunity to fly to Cambodia to meet him, which she saw as the perfect escape. Instead she ended up spending six years in one of Cambodia’s worst prisons, having falling victim to her fraudster boyfriend, who had her laugage from Australia to Cambodia stuffed up with hard drugs being a member of a huge international drug syndicate.

She said, ‘I had been all by myself for a long time, four years, just me and the kids,’ she said.

‘I was talking to him for a long time; I thought I got to know him and he seemed very nice.’

Ms. Taylor would often stay up late at night exchanging messages with Precious.

He would tell her that when it came to love it was ‘her or nothing’, while also saying he worried about whether she was sleeping or eating well.

‘You have a busy day in the morning,’ Ms. Taylor’s lover told her.

But Precious was not a 43-year-old businessman from South Africa like he claimed.

In reality, he was a 24-year-old Nigerian whose name was Precious Chineme Nwoko.

Ms. Taylor, when she was found guilty of drug smuggling, was sentenced to 23 years in prison. But Ms. Taylor wasn’t the only Australian woman being targeted by Precious, as he also had a Melbourne woman in his sights.

Another woman Kay Smith had also met the African scam artist over a dating app and immediately showed off his softer side, telling her about the orphanage where he volunteered.

‘The kids here are asking when I will bring my wife too. They are crying to see you. He told her.

Eventually, having gained Ms. Smith’s trust, he also asked her to travel to Cambodia to visit him. This time, Precious paid for her flights, passport, and accommodation, but said the trip had to be limited to only four days as he had a business to attend to overseas.

‘I was petrified the whole journey,’ Ms. Smith said of her trip but the anxiety subsided when he turned up at the airport to collect her as promised.

According to her, that night they went out for dinner and he asked her to marry him, which she said yes to.

On the final night of her whirlwind trip, Precious asked Ms. Smith to take two laptop bags back to Australia with her.

Having gone through the bags and checked the contents, the first moment Ms. Smith discovered what was in them was at customs unit at Melbourne Airport.

Shocking CCTV footage shows Ms. Smith falling to the floor as customs officers told her that two kilograms of heroin were hidden in the lining of the bag.

She said, ‘In the space of four days, this guy destroyed my entire life, my existence’.

Much later, Ms. Smith spent six months in a maximum-security women’s prison in Melbourne and then 18 months on bail before police dropped the charges against her.


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