Senate seeks ban of Sniper insecticide

The Nigerian Senate has urged the federal government to ban the production, importation, and circulation of Sniper insecticide in the country.

This is part of the resolutions the lawmakers adopted on Tuesday.

The resolutions follow a motion by Theodore Orji (Abia-PDP) on the rising cases of suicide in Nigeria.

Mr. Orji argued that cases of suicide are on the rise because many could not ‘çope with the overwhelming situation of life which could be financial problems; the death of loved ones; broken relationships, which is very popular amongst the youths in Nigeria; or serious illness; they choose suicide as an option.”

He said. “The Senate observes that suicide could be prevented particularly when family, friends and close relatives of the person contemplating suicide provide support, either by way of encouragement, listening to them and keeping them safe by staying around them, removing means of committing suicide such as knives, ropes, dangerous drugs and chemicals especially sniper;

“The Senate regret that many people commit suicide out of ignorance and situations that could be addressed; and the people in the position to help, encourage or assist ignore to do so thereby leaving them to commit suicide at will.”

Contributing, Albert Bassey Akpan (Akwa-Ibom-PDP) urged his colleagues to input as part of their constituency projects programmes to locate and cater for people suffering from depression.

In his contribution, Imo West Senator, Rochas Okorocha, called for the creation of a Ministry of Happiness to curtail the rising cases of suicide in Nigeria.

The lawmakers resolved to ‘urge the Federal Government to ban the production, importation or circulation of Sniper insecticide, a product currently used to commit suicide.’

The resolution is a contribution to the recent ban of the manufacturing of small bottles of ‘Sniper’ by NAFDAC. The agency said the ban became necessary because of the recent wave of suicide across the country has been linked to the intake of Sniper.

Óther resolutions are that the National Orientation Agency and the Ministry of Health should urgently create awareness on how to control stress and depression and establish trauma centres across the Federation.

The lawmakers also urged the Federal Government through the National Universities Commission to review the school curriculum and come up with compulsory courses that will enable student place value on their lives and detest suicide.

Adopting an additional prayer moved by Oluremi Tinubu (Lagos-APC), the Senate urged the Ministry of Education to ensure schools have counseling departments.



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