Nigeria needs God’s intervention to overcome challenges , says Wike

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has declared that Nigeria requires divine intervention to overcome her present developmental and security challenges under the current dispensation.

Governor Wike also reiterated the state’s rejection of any settlement scheme for herdsmen in the state, saying that Rivers lands cannot be used for such ventures at any time.

Speaking during a Courtesy Visit by Founder and President of Throne-Room Trust Ministries, Apostle Nuhu Kure at the Government House Port Harcourt, Governor Wike emphasised that Rivers State remains a Christian State and will continue to seek the face of God at all times.

He said: “God loves Nigeria. If not for God, there will be no Nigeria. With what we are seeing, we need God’s serious intervention. We need men of God to continue to pray for this country.

“Like I said, Rivers State will not participate in any settlement programme for herdsmen by whatever name it is called. I speak as the Governor of Rivers State.

“If they want water for the cattle, they can lay pipes from the Bonny Ocean to the far north for the Cattle. That is what we can contribute. We don’t have lands for any settlement scheme. Our land is for commercial agriculture “.

Governor Wike explained his popular declaration that Rivers State is a Christian State.

“As a Governor of the State, this is a Christian State. When you take a population count, 99 percent of our people are Christians. We have other people here, but we are predominantly Christians. I have no apologies to anyone, Rivers State is a Christian”, he said.

Earlier, Founder and President of Throne-Room Ministries, Apostle Nuhu Kure said that the Ministry is holding an emergency Prayer summit to pray for the survival of the country.

He called on the Federal Government to immediately arrest the Northern Youths who gave other Nigerians Ultimatum over the Fulani herdsmen settlements programme.

“I want to use this opportunity to say that whatever is coming from those youths in the north is not a representation of the north. I want to take advantage of my visit to appeal to the Federal Government through you that people who are going to this extreme should be arrested. If Government cannot call these people to order, it means we have a lawless society. It means we don’t have a government “, he said.

Apostle Kure said it is time to bring darkness to an end in the country, by entrenching the will of God for the country.

He praised Governor Wike for his ability to simultaneously defend his people from the ills of oppression and also work for the development of the State.

He said: “I want to congratulate you not just for your fight for Justice, but for the developmental strides that we see that you do. It is like you are holding the sword with one hand and holding the hoe with the other hand. You are busy tilling the land and growing up things and at the same time stopping the enemies at the gate”.

Apostle Kure took out time to pray for Rivers State and Nigeria.


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