Bayelsa Guber: Alaibe should first apologise to PDP, says party members

People’s Democratic Party (PDP) stakeholders Friday asked a former Managing Director, Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), Chief Ndutimi Alaibe to first tender unreserved public apology to loyal members of the PDP before thinking of using the platform to run for any election.

The stakeholders under the auspices of the Bayelsa PDP Restoration Foot Soldiers (BPRFS) said Alaibe lacked the moral right to vie for the PDP ticket having serially betrayed the party, especially at its trying times.

The group in a statement signed by its Publicity Secretary, Ebi Lawson, said it was against the principles of natural justice, equity, and good conscience for Alaibe to be making efforts to harvest in a farm he failed to cultivate.

The scribe further said it was an insult to loyal members of the party for Alaibe to have gone to obtain his nomination and expression of interest forms at the PDP headquarters in Abuja in the company of persons, who had yet to vacate allegations of anti-party activities against them during the last elections in the state.

The group said: “Undoubtedly, Alaibe has the constitutional right to contest the forthcoming governorship election in Bayelsa, but Alaibe without publicly apologizing to all loyal members of the PDP in Nigeria and especially in Bayelsa is not qualified to be called a member of the PDP much less contesting any election on the platform of the party.

“He lacks the moral right and the locus standing to be found among loyal party aspirants and he will continue to carry that morale burden until such a time he realizes the importance of loyalty and commitment to a political party.

“It is on record that Alaibe betrayed the PDP when the party needed men of character, will, and purpose to survive the hurricane of the All Progressives Congress (APC). Immediately the APC emerged at the federal level, Alaibe abandoned the PDP, jumped to the APC and tried to become its governorship candidate in Bayelsa.

“At that moment and for the purpose of realizing his ambition only, he fought the PDP joining forces with the APC to uproot and dismantle the PDP in Bayelsa. He complicated the efforts of Governor Seriake Dickson and his dedicated restoration PDP members to fight for the survival of the PDP in Bayelsa. But Dickson and his team survived the volcano and nurtured PDP back to life.

“But Alaibe also failed in APC because of the principle of justice. The loyal APC members resisted him and frustrated his plan to contest an election on the platform of a party he contributed nothing at its foundation level. Immediately he lost the chance, Alaibe melted away like ice from the APC and disappeared from every engagement of the party both at the Centre and in the state.

“But after we have made sacrifices under Governor Seriake Dickson’s leadership to stabilise the PDP, Alaibe noticing the strength of the party he abandoned at its trying moment in the state, returned to our great party.

“He came back last year and since then had done nothing but to scheme his way to grab the governorship ticket of our party. And on July 4th’ we saw him at the Wadatta Plaza obtaining the forms of our party. To us, his journey to Wadatta plaza will end in fiasco because any aspiration of Alaibe in Bayelsa PDP is a failed project.

“We want to advise Alaibe to first and foremost apologize to the party for serially betraying it and joining forces with our detractors to end our existence. After the apology, Alaibe should exercise patience and show commitment to building a political party before thinking of using the party to run for an election. Alaibe must know that there are consequences for disloyalty”.

The group added: “So far, with his trajectory, Alaibe is telling the world that a political party is only good as a platform to realize his ambition and that even without working for the party, he can walk into the party and become its candidate.

“In fact, to worsen his case, Alaibe was accompanied to the headquarters by some expired self-serving politicians and the so-called leaders who have yet to clear themselves of allegations of anti-party activities in the last election that distracted the PDP and caused the manipulation of elections in some parts of the state, which landed our party in court to recover two House of Representatives seats and one senatorial seat.

“They are the same PDP leaders who secretly sponsored candidates of other parties such as the All Progressives Congress (APC), Accord Party (AP) and the African Democratic Congress (ADC) against those of their party in Bayelsa during the last general election. Alaibe provided the funds.

“The actions of these PDP chieftains who are known associates of former President Goodluck Jonathan and his clique pitched them against the state Governor, Seriake Dickson, and top loyal leaders of the PDP in the state.

“Therefore, it is against the principle of natural justice, equity and good conscience for Alaibe to even think of contesting the primary election of our great party. If the governor and his loyal team had not fought to build Bayelsa PDP at its trying moment, would Alaibe have gone to obtain PDP forms to run on the platform? In PDP Bayelsa, there is no room for disloyalty”.



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