Lose or win, Nigeria bigger than anyone -Saraki’s wife

Wife of Senate President Bukola Saraki, Mrs. Toyin Bukola Saraki, while reflecting on the just concluded general elections has said that there are lessons for all, both losers and winners.

Her words: “whether we win or we lose, we always learn, and the one thing to learn is that Nigeria’s future and how we document and catalogue the past is bigger than any one of us as an individual.”

She spoke while delivering her goodwill message at the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) 2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM) Conference: FCT Night in Abuja.

The President and Chairman of Council, Mallam Mukhtar Sirajo, earlier noted that relationships in Nigeria have cracked but the institute was concerned about proffering solutions to the breakdown.

The solution, according to him, would prevent the future generation from bothering themselves over how to solve the problems because posterity would see them as those that evaded the problems and bequeathed it to them.

He vowed that the NIPR would seek solution and handover a better society to the future generation so that all they would bother over will be what happens in their time.

Sirajo said “We don’t want to bequeath a legacy of handling a problem that we created for them. We will solve our problems ourselves. There is no breakthrough to get to that solution other than public relations.”

He told politicians in government and non-political leaders that the citizenry is looking towards a shift of focus to governance.

He advised the leaders to understand that the law that established the institute “criminalizes the practice of the profession without licensing by the institute. Most of the goofs, most of the blunders that happen both in the public and private sectors, happen because there is an absence of public relations in decision making.

“So we want to appeal to them to please comply with the law by making sure that they put square pegs in square holes. So that we don’t have to always be managing crises.”


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