Shettima’s industrial park a realistic project – Buhari

With clear signs of amazement and smiles all over his face, President Muhammadu Buhari had only four words after he commissioned Borno’s Industrial Park which has 16 plants, amongst them, a solar panel production plant with an optimum capacity to annually produce panels that can generate 120 megawatts.

“This is a realistic project,” Buhari said as his commendation of the extraordinary things he saw.

The Industrial Park the following plants (some of which are assembled under same factory hall to share resources that include raw materials, recycling of by-products, electricity, and water):

As part of its far-reaching responses to the recovery of Borno’s economy in the face of huge setbacks caused by the Boko Haram, the Kashim Shettima administration initiated a bold and ambitious project of constructing an Industrial Park in Maiduguri. The park was designed for localization of factories that share resources which include raw materials, electricity, security amongst others with room for the attraction of more industries in the future.

For a start, the Industrial Park, just commissioned by President Muhammadu Buhari ‎has in it 16 plants for the manufacturing of different products that are mostly agricultural related. Even though each of the 16 plants manufacturers different products, some of them are assembled to share one factory hall under a modern integrated concept that ensures efficient space and other resource utilization.

The 16 plants include a Solar panels production plant with an optimum capacity to annually produce panels that can generate 120 megawatts; an

Plant for manufacturing of elementary school desks and chairs‎

Plant for manufacturing of Drip irrigation pipes.

PVC pipes production plant

Tomatoes processing plant

Onions and Ginger dehydration plant

The pilot juice processing plant

Cassava processing plant

Table water line plant

Corn chips production plant

Biscuits production plant

Grains and cement ‎sacks production plant

Greenhouse nets production plant

Canopy shade nets production plant


Plastic mats production plant‎.


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