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Some Abuja residents urge Nigerians to hang-out during weekends

<![CDATA[Some residents in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), have urged Nigerians to take advantage of weekends to hang-out with family members.

The residents who were having fun at the Millennium Park, Abuja on Sunday, said that Nigerians, especially workers should make out time at weekends to relax with loved ones.

According to them, sit-outs and other forms of entertainment should be more often and not only during festive periods.

One of the fun seekers, Mrs Mercy Adeyemi, said she brought her children out to have fun, adding that she expected to see many other persons having fun, but the “place is scanty’’.

“It is so sad that my kids and I are out here having fun alone. It is boring and doesn’t encourage others to be out here knowing there will be low turnout.

“Having fun also help our kids to be educationally, morally and socially sound and should not be encouraged only during festivities,” Adeyemi said.

Adeyemi also urged the government to provide more facilities in the park, as it would boost patronage.

Alhaji Juma Sulaymann, encouraged parents to come out often to have fun despite their busy schedule.

“Fun centres are not only meant for kids, parents can also use the opportunity to ease stress and bond with families,” he said.

Sulaymann said having fun in places such as the Millennium Park would help promote peace and unity in country.



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