You lied, IBB removed you in 1985 due to too much hardship and frustration not corruption – Junaid Mohammed tells Buhari


Junaid Mohammed, the second republic lawmaker, has reacted to claims by President Muhammadu Buhari that his first attempt to tackle corruption in the country led to his removal as the then Military Head of State.
The former lawmaker stressed that Buhari lied by making such claims.
Buhari had made the disclosure during the commissioning of the new office complex of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, in Abuja.
The president’s short stint back then ended in August 1985, following a coup led by his Chief of Army Staff, Ibrahim Babangida.
However, Mohammed, in his reaction said the President was being economical with the truth.
Speaking with Punch, Mohammed said, “The President is being economical with the truth by saying corruption was the reason he was ousted in 1985.
“He is lying. There were so many issues in 1985 which Buhari does not want to admit, which are still germane till now.
“It is too simplistic for him to claim that corruption sent him out of power. No, I don’t agree that it was corruption. It was a coup held for many factors such as individual ambitions and the national situation,” he said.



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