We support local inventors, innovators – NASENI


The National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) says indigenous inventors and innovators are often supported by the agency to enable them to fully realise their potential.
Prof. Mohammed Haruna, the Executive Vice Chairman of NASENI, made this known on Thursday in Abuja.
He said whenever the agency discovered any local inventors across the country, it helped them with equipment to function efficiently and appropriate training.
“Whenever will see ingenuity, we bring them into our laboratory to the limit of availability of our resources. We give them orientation; we assist them with machines.
“We also help them with training or send them elsewhere; within or outside Nigeria where we believe if they are given further training and capacity building, they will do better,’’ he said.
Haruna said that NASENI also assisted in getting inventors for the locally made products with commercial values.
“We also make attempt to get investors into any product that we certify that there is commercial viability for it,’’ he said.
He said that NASENI was collaborating with the Energy Commission of Nigeria (ECN), to improve the nation’s power sector.
On how he would want to see NASENI after his tenure, Haruna hoped that the agency would fulfill its mandate and touch the lives of Nigerians.
“I want to see that all the appropriate mandates of NASENI have been achieved and that the products of NASENI are all the nooks and corners of this country for the benefit of the citizens’’ he said.




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