Economic blockade: Cuban envoy, Femi Falana call on African leaders to rise against US' action

<![CDATA[The Cuban Ambassador to Nigeria, Carlos Sosa, and the Human Rights Lawyer, Femi Falana, on Sunday, called on the Nigerian government and other African countries to support the lifting of the over 50-year economic embargo by the United States (US) against Cuba.

They stated that in spite of the re-establishment of diplomatic relations as announced by the US President, Barrack Obama, the Island nation was still suffocating under the various commercial and financial blockade placed on it by America.

Carlos Sosa, who addressed a news conference in Abuja, insisted that Obama’s action was not enough to lift the embargo on Cuba, stating that the US Congress needed to repeal the obnoxious laws that defined Cuba as an enemy state.

Sosa, who was flanked by Mr Falana, called on Obama to prevail on the US lawmakers to completely lift the trade and economic embargo on Cuba, noting that his country was not a threat to the US or any other country.

The envoy further noted that Cuba has world class scientists who were willing to contribute to human development in different fields, particularly, in the medical sector in which he said his country had recorded many breakthroughs.

He said, “Cuba has top class scientists who can contribute positively to global human development. For instance, we have been able to eradicate Malaria for about 50 years and Cuba is the only country without the Zika virus. Cuba has drugs which can completely eradicate malaria and we are willing to share our knowledge with Nigeria and other countries.

“we have made a proposal to the Nigerian government and three governors are expected to travel to Cuba soon.”

Falana, who described himself as a friend of the Cuban people, stressed the necessity of African support for Cuba’s emancipation from the oppressive embargo, which he said was contrary to their rights to economic development.

He noted the medical assistance and other support extended to West Africa by Cuba during the Ebola disease crisis, adding that the island nation sent a planeload of medical materials to Sierra Leone and Liberia, along with about 265 medical personnel, none of which he said contracted the disease.

The activist hinted that African countries were under pressure from western nations not to collaborate with Cuba to eradicate malaria for economic reasons, noting that the western companies were making money from selling malaria drugs, mosquito nests and beddings to Africa.]]>

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