I will expose killers of Funsho Williams and Frauds in Tinubu’s government – Fashola

The embattled former governor of Lagos state Babatunde Fashola have threatened fire and brimstone saying he will open up on the political killings and fraudulent deals that happened in the state before and during his administration .
Sources say Fashola is calling the bluff of the political power house in Lagos. He said ‘I will make classified documents containing details of fraudulent dealings and assassinations public.
Fashola was denied the position of Chief of staff to the President as a result of well-orchestrated and timed chains of corruption allegations from Governor Ambode and Tinubu. Bola Tinubu have denied being the disclosure of the massive frauds by Fashola and decried that people wanted to spoil his relationship with Fashola.
According the source, the former Governor Fashola whose reputation was smeared by the publication from the Lagos state government has threatened to fight back. Our source say Fashola now feels he has nothing to lose and now poised to get back to those that engaged him in the pig fight.
Analysts are asking for the elders inside and outside the All Progressives Congress should intervene so that the crisis does not go beyond control as no one can determine where it will end.

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