Revealed: How Tinubu and Buhari betrayed me – Amaechi

<![CDATA[rotimi amaechi of apc
The immediate past governor of Rivers state Rotimi Amaechi has said that Tinubu and Buhari betrayed him as the positions that was agreed before he decamp from Peoples Democratic party(PDP) has been jettisoned. He said he was wooed to the party by the legacy parties and the other PDP governors who constituted the new PDP. He said before joining the party they had an agreement which has now been abandoned. He said the goal was for him to see the party and make President Jonathan unpopular. He said Oshiomhole warned him that ‘he has spent so much in the party but this Yoruba and Hausa people cannot be trusted.’ He was said to have lamented to his aides sometime ago.
According to Amaechi ‘let it be known, that I didn’t just join the APC, I was wooed by the legacy parties and four other PDP governors then. Naturally in every bargain, interests must be spelt out. Of course they did promise me the Vice Presidential ticket in the forth coming election with a condition to sell the party and make President Jonathan unpopular. The initial arrangement was to pair me with Hon. Tambuwal (speaker of the House of Representatives).
But when other entrants like Atiku and others entered the party, everything changed. It was Governor Nyako that opened up to me on the recent changes, and pleaded with me to take the position of the National Chairman of party, that it will be zoned to the South-South. And I grudgingly accepted. Now, in every political convention, consensus building is needed to harmonise all interests.
So I initiated a platform for the 16 APC Governors to talk in Port Harcourt last week. And in that meeting, the 13 Governors and their deputies that were in attendance reassured me that I will be given the National Chairmanship slot. But when I asked Governor Adams Oshiomhole to ask Chief Tom Ikimi and John Oyegun to step down for my candidate, Adams quietly told me ‘My brother, I know the bad name they have called you in the South- South and Rivers state in particular.
Again, I sympathise with you because I know how much you have put-in in APC, this Yoruba and Hausa people cannot be trusted, they said you couldn’t build the APC in Rivers state and that only 95633 out of the 1.3million membership you claimed have passport photographs. That everything was doctored by you.
He added that ‘I find it very disappointing that we no longer have men of trust and integrity. Men whose words should be their bond in politics. So last night, I made my position clear, that if the other candidates didn’t step down for Dr Sam Jaja, then there was no point picking the expression of interest form. I feel deeply betrayed.

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