Tips on how to get rid of a sore throat quickly

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1. Avoid soda and other high sugar foods and beverages; the only soda that is fine is ginger ale. Studies show that the ginger can heal sore throat and swollen tonsils.
2. Eat a few cough drops every now and then.
3. Elevate your head while sleeping and put some vapour rub on your chest, under your nose, and a bit on your forehead. Vapour rub allows for easier breathing, increasing the flow of oxygen.
4. Take your temperature every 24 hours while having a sore throat. If at any time it reaches over 101 degrees, go to a doctor as this could be signs of viral or bacterial infection such a mono.
5. Boil some lavender in water. Then add some honey to it. It smells really nice and it soothes your throat.
6. Take ibuprofen or any other equivalent for temporary relief. Do not give children these medications without the prior consent of a doctor and /or medical professional.
7. Try not to talk as much. It will help you rest throat. Taking can add extra stress to your voice as well.
8. Eat soup. Soup is a good way for any sickness to go away.
9. Take a very hot shower. The heat of the water will produce steam which in turn will open up respiratory passages, low for heating and relieve some of the pain.
10. Avoid smoking or drinking alcohol. It will make it worse.
11. If you don’t have tea, try coffee. It will also help your throat, and make you feel better.
12. Boil water. Then add garlic. After the water has boiled, put lemon and lots of honey in a cup. Then pour the water.
13. Mix honey and lemon juice in a cup and drink it.
14. Try drinking ginger tea as well.
15. If you have to talk a lot in a place, just speak low.
16. Try to drink tea before breakfast, lunch and dinner. It helps flush all bacteria out of your throat.
17. Sleep well.
18. Avoid oranges, it makes throat pain worse.
19. Drink as much water as possible but make sure it’s not too cold or hot.
20. Make yourself lemon and honey tea. Put 1 tablespoon of honey in one cup. Add the hot water and the juice of two lemons.
21. If you have a sore throat rest, drink lots of water and hot drinks to keep your fluids up and have some honey on its own and it will settle your throat and twill relieve some of the pain.

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