Confusion as Unions and residents protest in Ekiti against APC


Just as the civil servants across the country return from the Easter break, those of the counterpart in Ekiti were stopped from entering their offices in the state secretariat. They were turned back by the security agents.

The protesting worker said that governor Fayose has restored hope to the people of the state. They criticised the APC for trying to destabilise the state for personal interest. The assistant secretary general of the trade union congress, Femi Debo said that they have confidence in the government of Ayo Fayose. According to him, with Fayose, the civil servants have not seen anything wrong that could lead to the impeachment of the governor. He said that the politicians must not incite the civil service against the government. He urged the politicians to allow peace to reign.

Meanwhile, the assistant commissioner of police, Funsho Adegboye who led the team urged the unionists to be peaceful so as not to allow the protest to escalate as to affect the peace of the state.

There has been news of the attempt by the APC to impeach Governor Ayo Fayose which has led to the protest. On Monday, the supporters of the governor and the PDP gathered on the road to the state of assembly in what they called meeting and picnic.

Meanwhile, governor Fayose says he was yet to receive any impeachment notice. The governor during his monthly interaction with the media asked his supporters to ignore the threat of impeachment by the APC. He said he would defeat the APC again on April11.

He said what the APC want is to plunge the state into crisis the way they did after he left office in 2006. He said what they did in the past to impeach him will fail this time. He added that what angered the APC was that during the June 21 election, he gave them 16- 0. Again during the presidential election, he gave them 16-0. He said the APC knows he will give them26-0 in the April 11 election.

He said that president-elect Muhammadu Buhari emerged due to the grace of God. If President Goodluck Jonathan had won, would he have gone to impeach governor Aregbesola in Osun state or Senator Ibikunle Amosun of Ogun state.

Buhari’s emergence he said can only be a threat to his seat where there is no rule of law, because Nigeria is a federation. Even the former speaker, honourable Adewale Omirin is not the speaker, so he cannot carry out any impeachment against him. He said his government is a people’s government and no power of darkness can remove him.

Meanwhile, one person, Modupe Olaiya was killed in a circumstance still not clear in Efon Alaiye. The aggrieved APC lawmakers in Ekiti have tried unsuccessfully to impeach as they were unable to serve the governor their impeachment notice. The attempt by the APC to meet in the state house was stopped by the military as they are unable to enter the house of assembly. They later resurfaced in Osun where they addressed the media to expressed their grievances as the military has restricted movement in and out of the state capital, Ado Ekiti.

The residents of the state went into the streets protesting the attempt by the APC  law makers to impeach the governor. Meanwhile governor Fayose aides says what the APC law makers post on the internet can not be regarded as impeachment notice.]]>

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