PDP defeat, we didn’t manage our successes -Lamido


The governor of Jigawa state and a leading member of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, has said it would be unnecessary to begin to trade blames over the PDP loss at the presidential and national assembly elections. He said ‘that is a tendency of a bandwagon effect but it is up to us to work very hand. ‘We would not go into blame game. In what way will that change the attitude of the crowd? Leadership is a very huge burden and is normal for the followership to speak, to begin to look at things from different perspectives, to conjecture. Therefore, leaders are leaders. They should be able to stand up and be above emotion or sentiment because if we submit to it, we will destroy our country.

He said the defeat by the APC was an expression of the collective wish of the Nigerian people which they must respect.

He told state house correspondence after PDP governors visited President Jonathan to reassure him of their commitment that despite the loss, the PDP had the capacity to bounce back. ‘If you know the party history, what it went through in the last 16 years, it has the capacity to bounce back. More so, the election, the way they are coming with pain and anger, the PDP made some mistakes. I have been saying so, very costly mistakes, and we have not been able to properly manage our successes.

To me, I don’t think quitting the PDP is the answer. And in any case, the Nigerian people have said yes to the APC, they have spoken in very loud and unmistakable ways. The vote is very unambiguous and so we respect their choice and their rights and we praise Buhari for being able to take the ticket from the PDP even though I am not happy. ‘But it is Nigeria that won not Buhari. None of them lost but Nigeria won and enough of the anxiety, enough of the worry and the fear in Nigeria. ‘Whoever becomes the president is Nigeria’s president, not the president of a particular region. This is how I see this election and I thank Nigerians for standing for Nigeria.]]>

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