I won’t stay beyond June- Jega

<![CDATA[jega 2

It is now common knowledge that the tenure of the chairman of the independent national electoral commission, INEC, PROF. Attahiru Jega will be lapse in June. Although it could be renewed, Jega says he will not accept another term. The professor of political science who has been commended both locally and internationally for a free, fair and credible election says the job of the chairman of an electoral body is not an easy one and will not accept an extension of tenure.

His performance has been credited to his training as a political scientist apart from his personal qualities. Observers believe the nation not look to far for future chairmen of INEC, drawing from the of Professor Humphrey Nwosu who conducted the June 12 election and introduced the optionA4 and that election was adjudged the freest and fairest before the Jega came in. that it is not a coincidence that both Professors of political science have been excellent in conducting the elections. They argue that the assignment of selecting the next chairman should be given to the political science association who should recommend three names to the president.

According to Jega I am grateful to God, I was asked to come and contribute my own quota to national development and I have done my bit to the best of my ability.

On Orubebe’s outburst and allegation of being ‘tribalistic, partial and selective ‘he said ‘I maintained my calmness, because I knew all the allegations were false. There is nothing that frightens me or disturbs me because of all our actions have explanations for them.]]>


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