Guber: Give Lagos,Rivers,Imo, to PDP Muazu tells supporters


adamu muazu1
As the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) licks its wound from the defeat suffered at the presidential election,it’s national chairman has asked members and supporters to wrestle three key states from All Progressives Congress (APC) in the forthcoming governorship election.
In a press release on Saturday, PDP national chairman, Alhaji Adamu Muazu told supporters of the party that    “nothing will be sweeter than PDP taking Lagos, our own Rivers State and Imo.”
He said “Our candidates in these states are first class materials who have fully penetrated the political structures of those states and are set to win”

Muazu added that “The key to winning the remaining elections is heavy turnout and voting the PDP all the way. There should be no tactical voting. Be consistent in your support for the party. What we experienced in the presidential election is merely a hiccup which we must cast out in the gubernatorial polls”.

He  pleaded that  “All PDP supporters must remember their pedigree, our track record and history of the party and the source of our electoral feats of the last sixteen years. We are the reason that democracy has taken root in Nigeria since 1999. This is something every member of our great party should be very proud of.”

He said “We have only lost a battle but the war to bring our country to the highest level of democratic governance is still to be won or lost. Our governorship candidates should go out and finish the good fight and come up trumps in the remaining gubernatorial and houses of assembly election on 11th April“. 



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