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10 Richest Women in the world

The ten richest women have something in common. They all one way or the other have inherited their fortunes. We share with you the ten richest women in the world .

  • christy walton
  • Christy Walton: her wealth is derived from inheritance. Her late husband was the one of the children of Sam Walton the founder of Wal-Mart. She also invested in first solar and the investment increased by 47% to make her the richest woman in the world. Her net worth is $36.7billion.
  • liliane-bettencourt
  • Liliane Bettencourt: her wealth is also derived from inheritance. Her father started L’Oreal cosmetics. She inherited the company from the father and retained majority stakes in the company when the company went public. Her net worth is $34.5billion.
  • alice walton
  • Alice Walton: Alice Walton is the daughter of Sam Walton, the founder of Wal-Mart. Like her sister in law, Christy, her inheritance is connected with the Wal-Mart. She not only inherited the wealth of her father, she has also worked in the financial industry. Her net worth is $34.3billion.
  • jacquiline berger mars
  • Jacqueline Badger Mars: She along with her brothers runs Mars, the largest candy company in the world. She is the heiress of the Mars Company. Her net worth is $20billion.
  • Gina Rinehart: she also inherited her fortunes from her father who discovered Iron and Coal in Australia. The Australian got her fortunes from Iron and Ore in Western and Northern part of Australia. Her net worth is $17.7billion.
  • Suzanne Klatten: She is the richest woman in Germany. She virtually own Altana after selling the pharmaceutical aspect of the company. She is the majority shareholder of the company. Her net worth is $17.4billion.
  • Abigail Johnson: Her fortunes are also in a way inherited. The grandfather founded the fidelity investments and her father is currently the chairman while she is the chief executive officer. Her net worth is $17.4billion.
  • Anne Cox Chambers. She is also a beneficiary of inheritance. She is heiress of Cox Enterprises, a media empire her father started. She was ambassador to Belgium and the board of Coca Cola. Her net worth is $15.5billion.
  • Laurene Powell Jobs: In part her wealth also due to inheritance. She is Steve Jobs widow. She is the co-founder of Terravera a natural food company. When Steve Jobs died she gained 7.3% of Walt Disney Company and 38.5million shares in Apple. Her net worth is $14billion.
  1. johanna quandt1
  2. Johanna Quandt. Also her fortune is related to inheritance. She is the majority shareholder of BMW, company her late husband, Herbert Quandt bought back from bankruptcy. She started as secretary to Herbert Quandt, and then became personal assistant before becoming his wife. Her net worth is $12.8billion.
  3. Folorunso-alakija
  4. Folorunsho Alakija.  she is included in this list because with a net worth of $3.2billion she is the richest black woman in the world. She overtook Oprah Winfrey whose net worth stands as $2.7billion .  Alakija is the fourth richest black person in the world.  She started as a fashion designer and her foray into the oil industry has turned her into a billionaire.  She is the founder of Famfa oil , that owns 60% of  Nigerian oil deposit OML127 which produces 200,000 barrels per day.