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10 richest doctors in the world

patrick shiong1

Patrick Soon Shiong: Apart from medicine, he is also a philanthropist and entrepreneur. He made his fortune by revolutionising the treatment of cancer. With his net worth close to $12billion he is said to be the richest doctor in the world. He helps in funding children hospitals and looking for solutions to high health care costs.

thomas frist

Thomas Frist: His net worth is over $7billion. He made his wealth when he founded the hospital conglomerate with his father. The company is worth $29billion. He has been inducted in the Healthcare Hall fame.

  1. Phillip Frost: Although he has a doctorate degree in medicine, he made his fortunes from pharmaceutical company he set up and later sold it for $7.8 billion. He is Chairman of Teva pharmaceuticals with a net worth of $3.8billion.
  2. Wu Tiling: He practiced Chinese medicine for eleven years before setting up pharmaceuticals with a net worth of $3.8billion.
  3. Gary Michelson: He made his fortune of $1.5billion after a legal settlement with Medtronic over the use of his patents.
  4. dr. phil
  5. Phil: He started with appearances at Oprah Winfrey Show. He now has his own show where he has used his training as a psychologist to use. His net worth is $280million.
  6. James Andrews: He is one of the few in this list who made his fortunes from practising medicine. His Andrews’s sports medicine and orthopaedic centre is the first place where injured sport persons go to.
  7. terry dubrow
  8. Terry Dubrow: His net worth is $30million. He is one of the most sought after plastic surgeon. The waiting list is about six month long.
  9. Leonard Hochstein: also a plastic surgeon. His net worth is $20million and specialises in breast enhancement.
  10. robert rey
  11. Robert Rey: His net worth is $15million. He is also a plastic surgeon. His appearance in the television series Dr 90210 made him very popular. He has also made over 100 television appearance.